South Australia is a sophisticated, modern and affordable place to live, work and study. The capital city of Adelaide has all the hallmarks of a major urban centre with modern and classical architecture, a bustling retail hub and a multi-cultural population.

The city has wide streets and central squares ringed by 900 hectares of lush parklands. 

In every sense this layout sets the scene for modern-day life in Adelaide. Traffic is rarely congested, people are relaxed and friendly, the air is clean and the public transport system can take you to the city's white, sandy beaches or the Adelaide Hills within half an hour.


South Australian Facts

Capital City Adelaide
Population 1.29 million
Time Zone GMT/UTC +9.5
Language English
Currency AUD$
Area 984,377 square kilometres
Coastline 3,700 kilometres

Adelaide's Climate

Adelaide has a Mediterranean climate, hot dry summers and wet cold winters. Be aware of the harshness of the sun in summer and always wear a hat, sunscreen and cover up, particularly in the middle of the day.

It doesn’t snow in Adelaide but it does get pretty cold and wet in winter. Umbrellas and waterproof jackets are essential when you are out and about in the winter months.


Summer December-February mainly hot & dry 25º - 35ºC
Autumn March-May mainly dry 20ºC - 25ºC
Winter June-August cool & wet 10ºC - 15ºC
Spring September-November little rain 20ºC - 25ºC